Friday, February 27, 2015

AMB - PLACEBO DISCO ( Enders Glitch Hop Remix )

Glitch Hop Community Ableton iZotope

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack 2014 (feat. ENDERS)

     I am pleased to announce 3 of my tracks have been featured on the official 2014 Cyberpunk Community OST. 
One the tracks has never before been available until now, on this compilation!  
    Titled after the previous associated yearly releases, the "Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack 2014" compilation features a stellar mixture of Cyberpunk Music and sub-genres (electro, synthwave, industrial, glitch, darkwave, power noise, and more!). This collection holds 47 tracks from various talented artists, 3 of which are originals from ENDERS, released for FREE exclusively on this compilation:
ENDERS - Process Code (Single)
ENDERS - Overcharge

ENDERS - Synth Lit Streets (Exclusive)

     The 2014 Cyberpunk Community Compilation is packaged in a single free download with extensive artwork and information about the featuring artists and the splendid contributions from all artists involved. Creating a real who is who artist selection for fans, new and old, to the growing cyberpunk music community. It is clear to see why this compilation has repeatedly been qualified by many as the ultimate anthology of the cyberpunk / dystopian / electro scene! 
Follow the Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack on Facebook and Soundcloud for future releases!
     I look forward to working with the curator and compiler, Cyberbite, and the cyberpunk community to get more of my new and upcoming music on the next C.C.O.S.T release for 2015!

     Recently blogged about on:
"In addition to providing fans with an abundance of new music, it’s incredibly encouraging to see the cyberpunk community come together for a release like this and proving once again what a deep well of creativity and inspiration the cyberpunk scene continues to provide all kinds of artists." -neondystopia



Friday, May 24, 2013

The Enders Zone

Just found out
Someone uploaded one of my mixes to youtube, and even had the decency to put my soundcloud info in the description.
Then someone posted it on reddit
under /r/cyberpunk_music
Awesome Fans!
I would like to personally thank whoever did both of these. :D

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Combat Operation - Enders Mix (From Dusk Till Dawn set 2012)

Have a listen to my latest LIVE set or "Mix-Tape".
This is my first 60 minute live DJ set I've posted online.
  I played this mix live at a small Music Festival called "From Dusk Till Dawn" on August 11th 2012, outside of Chandlerville, Illinois.

Combat Operation (From Dusk Till Dawn set 2012) by Enders on Mixcloud