Friday, May 24, 2013

BoyOfTheEnders - The Enders' Zone

Just found out
Someone uploaded one of my mixes to youtube, and even had the decency to put my soundcloud info in the description.
Then someone posted it on reddit
under /r/cyberpunk_music
Awesome Fans!
I would like to personally thank whoever did both of these. :D

Sunday, March 24, 2013

illegal things help synthesize freedom

"illegal things"
Who determines what that means, and what falls under that?
Certainly no Man alive in 2013 should, and no man who ever lived should be allowed to write a document that tells us what is right and what is wrong.
Your morals are not the same as mine.
What is bad according to Grandma and Grandpa might be required for someone else trying to live in our changing world.

Legislation that tells me what to do anywhere, any time, is WRONG.
If I obey archaic "laws", I am no longer "free" in my own sense.

EXAMPLE Test #1:
Q: Do you cut wood for your fire-place?
A: Yes, I sure do I have my own hand built home and I require cutting wood to stay warm.
If you answered YES, are in violation of our laws and may not use our road.
You may not use our road to get to your hand built home unless you can pass the tests we have put forth in order to determine if you are eligible to travel on this road.

Think about that, what does cutting wood for yourself have to do with driving on their roads?

So basically: the things necessary to survival that are owned and operated by the higher forces of society can be taken away if we do not obey its rules and laws.

Encroaching upon "freedom"? That is not freedom. That is being told what to do and how to do it by someone who is out for their own gain, benefit, and to push their agenda.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Without me...

I'm going to write this wall of text here, because I can not find a better place for it.... I am beginning to think the person who this is all directed at, no longer deserves the convenience of receiving it as a personal, intimate, private message.

Step right up! Come one, come all, view, read, and gasp, at my seething emotions and thoughts:

Just want to start of this rant with:
Zero regrets here, and little to nothing from keeping me from choosing any path I want once again! ...besides the one with her...

I thought I had just reached the light at the end of that evil dark tunnel, when she said "I love you".... apparently I thought wrong...Now...I return to walk my path alone again.
I should have realized, then, she was just so used to saying it to another guy, it must have been easy for her to say it to me... without meaning, and understanding the actual deep implications that those words have to others...

Does a cute girl that wont rip your heart out even exist?
...How can you tell if your falling for a totally lost, confused person, or one of sound judgment? be used as a backboard for their needs, and thrown to the curb like a bag of trash...
...Apparently, I gambled with a deck that was stacked against me...
Intimacy produces strong bonding chemicals in your brain...
Perhaps, at first, she thought that was love...
 If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, chances are - it's a duck!...
I try to be a nice, caring man, yet she thinks, I am immature and I lack confidence... the lack of confidence often comes from being dropped of the lofty cliffs we fall in love atop...
Maybe some day I'll finally find a lady who can give me her undivided attention, real love, and affection, and not build up issues, lies, or throw out made-up ones... Will any girl understand how to be as co-dependent as I tend to be in relationships?

...Realizing how much of a lie I was following, why would I be with I deserve that punishment?
used as a rebound... I'm better than that, I'm better than that lie...
Should I have ran at the "Can I use you" part?
Or should I have ran as soon as the "I don't want a serious relationship" part, turned into a serious relationship....
Why would I have ran, from what made me the most happy at the time?
Because I always follow love thinking it will never turn into a steam roller, and flatten me...I am usually wrong, and end up under a steam roller....

Why do girls want to be your friend after they rip out your heart?

Some people think it's an excuse on their part, or think they want to keep the guy close by just in case they change their minds... Well being confused about how you feel, and putting out the wrong messages, will only make things worse....

I explained how I felt, and what I thought, and she then recoiled her love, and replaced it with a "lets be friends"... if there is no love, and it was all a lie, there is no reason to be together at all...
Will she realize that I want complete open honesty, and an apology? ...or will she take her own path into darkness, only to find a false light, like I feel I just have...

I let her hurt me, because I wanted to believe her.

The real kicker here is, will the point I am making here ever be clear to the one it is directed at? Will it be misunderstood.... Will it ever receive a well though out, long, heart felt response equal to it? Probably not.

Just look at it as creative writing, dont reply, dont click "like", and enjoy a life

without me...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Combat Operation - Enders Mix (From Dusk Till Dawn set 2012)

Have a listen to my latest LIVE set or "Mix-Tape".
This is my first 60 minute live DJ set I've posted online.
  I played this mix live at a small Music Festival called "From Dusk Till Dawn" on August 11th 2012, outside of Chandlerville, Illinois.

( )

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mochipet – Moguera (Enders Glitchi Remix)

Here is my newest remix for Mochipet and Daly City Records! You can check out my remix and the other remixes of this track on their blog here: Daly City Records Mochipet Petnation Remix Contest July 2012

Mochipet – Moguera (Enders Glitchi Remix)

The Enders Zone

Check out BoyOfTheEnders on Soundcloud here:

From description:
Carl Cline,
aka: BoyOfTheEnders, Enders and/or EnDeVoUr, is a 25 year old producer of music, DJ, Artist and a fan of electronica the world over. 
Currently open to working on any open remix contests, collaborations, original tracks, and production of tracks for artists.

Fan of acts like:
The Chemical Brothers
The Crystal Method
The Prodigy
Fatboy Slim
and many more....

Professional Technician, Dystopian, Obscure, Auspicious, a Cyber-Punk.....

Please enjoy the sounds and share them!